What we do

City Praise Centre CIO is a registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England and Wales, No.  1160677 whose objects are:

(a)     to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to advance the Christian faith for the benefit of the public by:

  • providing and maintaining places of worship for members of the Church and the Christian community;
  • communicating Christian principles and lifestyle as taught in the Bible;
  • training Christians for ministry and service within the Church and the wider world; and
  • partnering with other churches, faiths and Christian organisations to enlighten others about the Church and its Doctrines.

(b)       the prevention or relief of poverty anywhere in the world by providing or assisting in the provision of practical assistance and support to the poor and disadvantaged.

We are governed using the Apostolic system of Church Governance that is common within the Pentecostal movement as a whole.

The spiritual governance of the church is vested in the elders. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Pastoral Committee who ensure he or she fulfils the role in accordance with the Statement of Beliefs and the stated objects of the charity.

The trustee board is responsible for the legal and administrative governance of the church and setting the policies through which the church is managed and run. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Trustee board who ensure that he or she fulfils the role in accordance with the laws of the land and the stated objects of the charity.

Responsibility for implementing the vision, direction, strategy and management of the church is devolved to the Senior Pastor who may appoint and employ other ministers and helpers in accordance with the charity’s Staff Policy, as is necessary to fulfil the stated objects of the church.

As trustees, we meet formally around four times a year and more often as situations dictate.  All meetings are formally minuted, which are then provided to CPC’s auditors at the end of each year.

Should you have a question that isn’t covered on these pages, then do get in touch with us at trustee@citypraisecentre.com.

Mike Collins
Mike is married to Nicky, they have both been active in the church all of their lives.  They have 4 daughters – Beth, Hannah, Naomi and Esther.

Tessy Ojo
Tessy Ojo is the Chief Executive of The Diana Award, the only charity that carries the name of the late Princess Diana across the world. She heads the church’s Host Team and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Tessy is married to Stephen, a Software Consultant and has two children, Keren and Jonathan. She enjoys cooking, travelling and hosting in her spare time.

Yinka Tomori
Yinka is married to Mo and they have two children – Fikayo and Tunrayo.  Yinka is a chartered accountant that specialises in the financial administration of charities.

Michael Coveney
Michael has been coming to City Praise Centre since he married one of the members, Janice in 1975. He has two Daughters, Claire who works in the University of Kent and Naomi, who works in the Civil Service in London. Mike is a keen motorcyclist, long distance walker, builder and flyer of radio controlled helicopters and an avid F1 supporter. Now retired after a product marketing career for an international computer software company, he has consulted in business strategy. Michael now spends time on various ministries within CPC including Sanctuary, weekly visits to Wombwell Hall and the monthly Star Trekkers walk.

Tom Griffiths
Tom has held the role of Senior Pastor since 1997, coming to us from NLCF in Margate where he was the Youth Pastor. He has a strong teaching ministry and leads our staff team at CPC Base Camp  He is married to Jo and has two boys, Sam and Josh.  When not busy with church activities you will often find him at the gym, pottering on his allotment or or with his head in a good book!

How we operate

It is the role of the Senior Pastor to set the vision of our church, while the role of trustees to ensure that the church’s vision and strategy are implemented in accordance with CPC’s governing document and UK law.

As it’s not possible for the trustees to be personally involved in all the decisions that need to take place in a church of our size, the trustees set out the detailed policies on how the church is to operate, which are mostly delegated to the senior and associate pastor.

Every year, the Senior Pastor outlines his vision to the trustees along with a detailed annual budget, which includes hiring staff to help implement the vision. The budget is discussed in detail at a trustees meeting and is typically approved.

Execution of the budget is carefully monitored and reports provided to the Trustees on a regular basis. Should changes to the budget be required then these are discussed and approved as necessary by the Trustees.

Salaries of church staff are set according to the roles they play compared with what those roles command in the open market. To help with this, salary surveys are often consulted and discussed by the salary review committee to ensure that people are fairly rewarded for what they do.

Staff salaries, terms and conditions are recommended by the Senior Pastor and approved by the Trustees according to the set budget. However, the Senior Pastor’s salary, terms and conditions are set solely by the Trustees without their involvement.

Each year the church undergoes an extensive audit by an external company that specialises in Charity Law.  The findings of this review is written up and published in the annual report that is submitted to the Charity Commission.  A copy of this is always available on request.

The trustees review this audit and look at whether the controls in place are adequate.  In addition to this, the Inland Revenue, on occasions, perform a detailed review of all income and expenditure. This usually takes place at short notice and is extremely thorough lasting a number of days.

We are pleased to report that these reviews have always praised the church in the strength of its controls, and rarely make any recommendations for change – all of which is a testament to the way in which we take governance and the professional nature of our approach.

City Praise Centre operates an Equal Opportunities policy whose aim is to ensure that all of its employees and job applicants are treated equally irrespective of disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex or marital status. This policy sets out instructions that all employees are required to follow and in the way staff are recruited and managed.

From time to time, we post on the recruitment page of our website, those staff positions we are looking to fill. – http://citypraisecentre.com/jobs/

Like to ask a question?

Should you have a question that isn’t covered on these pages, then please get in touch with:

Michael Coveney