The breath of life

For a Christian, the air that they breathe should be rich with the oxygen of prayer, both in their individual devotional life and also together with brothers and sisters; praying together, listening together and growing in their spiritual practice together.

Daily prayer

The church meets for daily prayer on Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am until 9.30am, but we also have special times of prayer, usually in the early morning or evening time when we focus for an extended period on the particular needs of our church family or the wider community. These meetings can range from powerful times of intercession to profound times of extended silence and contemplation. They normally last for about an hour, although occasionally a half night of prayer may be called.

Prayer Meeting

Grow your spiritual life, and see God do amazing things by joining us at the next event for the fervent effectual prayers of a righteous person avail much.” 

(James 5:16)

Tom Griffiths – Senior Pastor

Saturday 16th September

8am – 9am

CPC Basecamp