Supporting and encouraging each other in every day life

We have consistently found that people who are part of a small group thrive in life and grow in their faith in a way that is impossible to achieve in isolation.

Helping one another to make a difference in our communities

Our Life Groups focus on three key areas which, not only aid personal spiritual development but allow groups and their members to take the love and gospel of Jesus out onto the streets of the local community.

Our three key areas of focus

Focused around the Sunday service sermons, the weekly Life Group bible study aims to delve deeper into the Word of God in a safe environment, allowing group members to discuss and ask questions and grow together.

Groups, led by their leaders, are encouraged to practice the ‘Spiritual Disciplines’ of prayer, worship, silence, solitude, contemplation and fasting, both as groups  and in the members daily devotional times.

There are also opportunities within the groups to hold ‘bite size’ studies on ‘life skills’ from a biblical perspective e.g. finances, relationships or raising children.

Life Groups are a fantastic way to meet lifelong friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. The groups hold regular social events to allow people to kick back, relax and just get to know each other better. These are also a wonderful way to laugh and make memories together.

Where it is important to be around fellow Christians in the Church family it is also important to represent Jesus Christ out in the community. The Life Groups are encouraged, ‘as a group’, to find a way they can support their local community; this can be anything from helping out at a foodbank, spending time at care home or homeless shelter.

Find a group near you

If you are looking for a place to meet people, make friends and get better connected to God and to His church, then we would love to invite you to make the first step and get plugged into the heartbeat of City Praise Centre.

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