We are passionate about your child growing up loving God and His word!  In City Kids we base all our teaching on sections of scripture, working through the Bible we have specifically chosen as the best possible resource for each age group. 

We strongly recommend that you equip your child with the Bible that is used in their group so that you can help them engage with the teaching during the week.  Look below for your child’s group, the Bible we use and which section they are exploring this week 
The Beginners Bible for Toddlers is a brilliant resource to read to your child.

This week the story is Jonah and the Big Fish on page p69
The Beginners Bible by Lion Hudson (available at the Resource Centre) is an exceptional resource which ties the whole story of the Bible together and we love using it in Shoots. 

This Sunday we’re looking at  Session 23 - Jesus rescues the lost
Mini Kids
The ‘Big Picture Story Bible’ by Crossway provides a great backup to our teaching in Mini Kids which is using the 'What's in the Bible with Buck Denver' DVD series.

We have reached Whats in the Bible DVD 6:3 - A Nation Divided - The Kings

7-9s Logo
Kids Church
Here we use the whole 'Action Bible' to engage with the great story of God with His people!

We have reached Whats in the Bible DVD 6:3 - A Nation Divided - The Kings

10-12s Logo
The best possible investment for your child in this group is a New Century Version (NCV) Youth Bible!

We will be in the Gateway Area to discuss Communion!

Stream - Additional Needs
The 'Read and Share' Bible is a fantastic resource for Stream, along side the cartoon DVD sets that bring the stories to life!

This weeks session is looking at DVD 3 Episode 5 - David and the giant  p196-203